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Cruise ship job scams

There are many fake job offers for staff on cruise ships, in which the applicants are tricked into making upfront payments to the supposed employers or recruiting agents. Here are some red flags to watch out for:

  • Does the offer involve a free webmail address such as,,, etc? Open the email domains to the right of the @ as a website with "http://www." in front of it to check.
  • Do the phone numbers match the supposed business address? For example, an offer for ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISE LTD with an address in Florida should not list a +1 641 in Iowa, thousands of km away.
  • Any offer with +44 70 UK number must be assumed to be a fake, as this is an international call forwarding service used almost exclusively by scammers.

The following emails are part of an Advance Fee Scam. See our "419" fraud FAQ for more information on such scams.

If you have any suspect email that you want to report or have checked, you can copy and paste the message text into our "Scam-O-Matic" webform for an instant reply.

If you get suspect emails, you can also forward them to our scam-reporting e-mail address
Though you won't normally get a reply we do use your reports to shut down scammers and to warn others.

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Fraudulent job offer sample:

From: "Royal Caribbean Shipboard Human Resources Department" <>

1080 Caribbean Way
Miami, FL 33132
Tel: ( 641 ) 654-9769
Fax: (305) 539-3937

Hello Firstname Lastname,

Thank you for choosing to be part of the Wonderful team on board with The Royal Caribbean Cruise line, This is to inform you that we are reaching you from The Human Resources Department With great enthusiastic and honor because your Resume/CV was forwarded by one of our Licensed and Authorized Recruitment Agency in Europe (DELTA-MARINE CREWING RECRUITMENT, MANNING PERSONNEL AND TRAVELING CONSULTANCY INC).

Here at the Headquarters Human Resources Department we are Glad to receive your Interest to become part of the Family on our Luxury Cruise Ship in Europe and honor to review your Resume/CV, Having review your Application, record shows that you're such an Applicant with Good Working Experiences, proficient, skillful, responsible and we hope with your Highly Motivated/Positive Attitude qualities you can Adapt quickly to the new environment on board and Provide first Class Service to our Guest on board, you've emerge to stand among the best Candidate that will be shortlisted for this Job, You shall be contact shortly by our Partner licensed Recruitment Agency for the Final Recruitment Processing because this Job must be subjected to criminal background check, physical examinations, drug testing, and reference checks, At this point this is to inform you that the Management of Royal Caribbean Ltd will be honor to appoint you officially to work with the Cruise line based on the Agency Judgment and Good report about this Verification and Pre-Examination they shall conduct about your application and all your information provided must be valid/True where by any falsification shall result into disqualifying you but at this Moment This is to inform you that your application is received and shall be shortlisted among applicants to undergo interview shortly based on the final report from the Recruitment Agency. Henceforth further instructions and Procedure will be given to you by the Recruitment Agency, Kindly bear with us for the delay in the hiring Processing but be rest assure that the Processing of every applicants Seaman/Sea-women Documents and other official paper work needed to work on our Cruise Ship shall commence as soon as you pass the Interview and other Pre-examination processing to be conducted by the Recruitment Agency.

Meanwhile we want to use this Medium to Answer most Questions being asked by many Applicants about this Ship board Position, Packages, benefits, Commission, Tour Destinations, etc.

1. What is the general length of This employment?

Answer: The Employment contracts range from 3 months to 4 months. However, the contracts are mutually renewable and long term career progression is welcome only if the Management finds your Services satisfying and if you wish to embark on a long term sign Contract with the Management.

2. What kind of employees are the cruise lines looking for?

Answer: THE MANAGEMENT OF ROYAL CARIBBEAN LTD are looking for individuals who have excellent communication skills and enjoy working with the public. We are looking for staff who are enthusiastic, friendly and outgoing. It is important that you make a positive and lasting impression with the passengers. Appearance is important. You must be clean and well groomed at all times. In short, We are looking for hardworking individuals who enjoy people and take pride in themselves and their work.

3. Since the Actual job on Cruise Ship falls towards the End of the Year, What are the Plans and Packages for the Christmas/New year Celebration for Crew staff?

Answer: Qualified Applicants shall undergo Two Weeks Training abroad either in Australia,UK or Norway and USA,and there are two Categories for this Training Abroad, The First Categories falls towards the middle of December where after the Pre-selection and Examination processing by the Agency, Every necessary arrangement shall be made towards the flight ticket plan for applicants and if you wish to spend time with your Family during the Christmas and New year Celebration, then you shall be granted the permission for 1 week Off to stay with your Family but The Most exciting Package by the Management of Royal Caribbean Ltd for Applicants that wish to spend his/her Christmas and New year Celebration on our Cruise Ship have the Privilege of coming on board with maximum of two(2) family members and the Management pledge to shoulder the Flight Expenses of the Family Members.

4. What does the Christmas and New year packages on the Royal Caribbean Cruise ship contain for Applicants?

Answer: THE MANAGEMENT OF ROYAL CARIBBEAN LTD strongly believe that Christmas on-board a cruise ship means multi-generational vacations complete with kids out of school and relatives from all over the globe meeting to celebrate the holidays together. Many might be thinking that for Crew Staff of Royal Caribbean that there Christmas is going to be a Time without Families or little time to celebrate, No! No!! No!!! Successful Employed crew Staff for this year Seasonal recruitment that chose to spend his/her Holiday period on board with the Cruise line,have the chance to celebrate Christmas and New Year in a unique manner. Instead of getting into the hassles of Christmas decorations, cooking and cleaning, The Management of Royal Caribbean has plan something different for all its Crew staff, We Planned to make this year Christmas celebration special for you and maximum number of two(2) Members your family will join you on board to spend the Holiday Cruise together while you work on part-time basis during this Period. The cost of your drinks, food, and entertainment shall be taken care of by the Management. we promise to bring The joy of celebrating Christmas on a cruise line a Great Experience for you and your Family where maximum of Two(2) Member of your Family shall be sponsor by the Management of Royal Caribbean Ltd to spend the period on board with there families on the Holiday/Festival Cruise Ship called " FREEDOM OF THE SEAS" -The Ultimate Holiday Getaway, M/S Freedom of the Seas is a Royal Caribbean International cruise ship. The world's largest passenger vessel, she can accommodate over 4,300 passengers on her fifteen passenger decks, served by over 1300 crew.She is about 229 ft. longer, about 108,000 gross tons larger, and can accommodate 2,147 more passengers than RMS Titanic,With a festive on-board atmosphere, elaborate decorations and an array of traditional cuisine, entertainment and activities, Being part of the Crew Staff during this holiday cruises are the ideal option for reconnecting with friends, families and Touring along with wonderful and friendly Passenger/Guest from every where from the globe,Such a trip would be a pleasant surprise for everyone as it contains something for everyone. From the start till the end of the trip, a Christmas/New Year cruise can offer unforgettable enjoyment to all, It would be a perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones. Moreover, you would get enough time for spending some great moments with your family members. therefore Kindly indicate to the Recruitment Agency If you chose to spend your holiday on board with the Management of Royal Caribbean Ltd for immediate reservation arrangement to process by the Recruitment Agency (DELTA-MARINE CREWING RECRUITMENT, MANNING PERSONNEL AND TRAVELING CONSULTANCY INC).

5. How would i get Paid and What will I earn If hired to Work on Cruise Ship?

Answer: This is to inform all Applicants that after the necessary processing of Job application and Seaman/Sea-women Traveling Documents, All Newly employed Crew staff must embark on a Two Weeks Trip to either UK or USA or Australia for Two Weeks Training which is compulsory before you join the Luxury Cruise Ship for the 3/4 Months contract o n board, While you receive your first payment for the Two weeks Training in your Home Country Bank Account or Credit Card which will be submitted in future to the Financial Department on board. The Salaries are competitive with those in the marketplace. In general the range is between 6,000- 7,500 (British Pounds) Per Month, but if Applicant's Job Position falls into The Restaurant and Housekeeping Department, Staff wages are based on gratuities and Tips receive from Passenger and can expect to earn 5,000- 6,000 (British Pounds) Per Month.

6. What kind of official documentation is required in order to obtain employment with this cruise line (i.e. passports, visas etc.)?

Answer: All other nationalities need a C1-D U.S/ EU seaman's visa, Seaman Work Permit/License, etc which is easy to obtain once you're officially appointed (it takes about one-two business days) from any U.S., UK and Australia Embassy/consulate abroad. Hence THE MANAGEMENT OF ROYAL CARIBBEAN LTD will be responsible for all the Expenses towards the Acquiring of this Vital Documents and License needed to work on Cruise Ship and Travel around the World without limit.

7. Am I responsible for my airfare to join the ship Or do I pay any Expenses before i finally join the ship?

Answer: THE MANAGEMENT OF ROYAL CARIBBEAN LTD will pay your transportation to meet the ship, But In the event that you break your contract or are terminated, the cruise lines will deduct the expenses they incurred for your transportation. At the Same time, Its important for all Qualified Applicants to understand that they Shall be responsible for the Little Agency Charges Payment that will be charged by your Recruitment Agency that stood as Intermediary Between you and this Cruise Line during the Pre-selection and Recruitment Processing as this little Agency Charges will enable the Agency to pay for Courier Services/Shipping Charges needed for them to send your Official Documents to confirm applicants appointment and Seaman Uniforms and Pair of Shoes to all Applicants Contact Address in there respective Country before the Two Weeks Training.There will be a reimburse/refund of any Fund that applicant might pay to the Recruitment Agency before the Two weeks Training Flight to UK or USA or Australia or Norway.

8. What are the health requirements i.e. immunization, medical examination etc. ?

Answer: All Applicant must pass a Medical Examinations designated by our Licensed Agency before you become crew member on board, THE MANAGEMENT OF ROYAL CARIBBEAN LTDshall be responsible for the Cost of the Medical Examination and issuance of Seaman/Sea-women Medical Certificate.

9. What are the tax laws regarding income earned on a cruise ship?

Answer: Unlike other Cruise line that deduct taxes directly from there Applicants Pay Checks but with the Assistant of our License Recruitment Agency you'll be granted a Tax Clearance Certificate which help save your Salary without any dime being remove from it and can open Bank Account in any Visited country.

10. Is the food and accommodation free for crew members on-board a cruise ship,Do this cruise lines provide benefits i.e. paid vacation and what are the living arrangements for crew?

Answer: THE MANAGEMENT OF ROYAL CARIBBEAN LTD treat all her applicants with equal respect, does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, gender, disability or any other characteristic protected by law, The Living arrangements vary by shipboard position. but all our staff enjoy single cabins with great relaxation facilities like Shower, WC and a TV set. other benefits include the following:

• Medical Insurance
• Dental Insurance
• 401K Plan
• Paid Time Off (PTO)
• Life Insurance
• Vision Insurance
• Short Term & Long Term Disability
• Pet Insurance
• Legal Insurance
• Air travel en-route and homeward bound
• Reduced cruise rates for family and friends

• Free laundry
• Fitness Club Discounts
11.Who will I work with?

Answer: You will work with other crew members who represent nationalities from all over the world. Appreciating and understanding other peoples' differences and values will make your job more rewarding and create some lasting friendships. You will report to your Hotel Manager and your Department Head. However, the Captain is the Master of the ship and is in authority at all times. All shipboard employees must abide to strict Master's Rules and Regulations.

12. Are there uniform requirements? If so, who provides the uniform?

Answer: Yes, there are uniforms required, This Shall be Provided to all Applicant before you embark on the Two weeks Training, Applicant will be require to provide his/her Clothing Size and Shoe size to our licensed Recruitment Agency where the Seaman Uniform will be send to your Contact Address by the Agency along with other Official Documents from the Management. Also If your Job Interest fall into the Categories of (Guest Entertainers, Guest Musicians) Uniform is not require for this Position. There is a dress code for every evening on-board a cruise ship i.e. formal night, semi-formal night or casual night. Crew members, working in passenger areas of the vessel are expected to follow the dress code.

13. Are there any recreational areas on a cruise ship for crew members?

Answer: Yes, THE MANAGEMENT OF ROYAL CARIBBEAN LTD modern cruise vessel is equipped with a crew fitness center, a crew recreation room (simply crew bar) and a crew deck with a swimming pool and jacuzzi. In general this cruise lines takes a very good care of the well being of the crew members, since it could affect the quality of work and passenger service.You are expected to behave and dress professionally on and off duty. Excessive drinking or socializing is not tolerated when on duty. You are permitted to mingle with the passengers when you are off duty, though this varies from time to time depending on how friendly you're to passenger and Guest on board, This Cruise line encourage the staff to frequent the nightclub to give itatmosphere!! and reason not to feel staying away from your Home.

14. Are the employees allowed to purchase goods on-board cruise ships and do they get any discounts?

Answer: Yes, crew members enjoy duty free prices on-board a cruise ships, they also get up to 25% discount on goods purchased in the on board boutique shops.

15. What are the policies of cruise lines towards use of drugs and narcotics?

Answer: Absolutely Zero tolerance, crew members get fired, disembarked and submitted to local authorities immediately with no exceptions, regardless of ship's location. Which is why our Licensed Recruitment Agency will conduct drug tests before applicants embark on the Two weeks Training, any applicant thinking of drugs use while on a ship, should simply forget about cruise lines employment. There is no way around this!!!

16. What are the regulations regarding premature termination of employment?

Answer: The contract with a cruise line will be automatically terminated at the date stated on the contract as an end date. It could be renewed by mutual agreement between employee (contractor) and the cruise line. In case the employee (contractor) wishes to terminate the contract earlier than the end date, the employee (contractor) will be responsible for the cost of transportation going back home. In case a crew member gets fired from the job, the cruise line will be responsible for the return transportation, but in this case the crew member can not return to the same cruise line for employment.

17. Are the crew members expected to perform some duties other than their work on-board?

Answer: THE MANAGEMENT OF ROYAL CARIBBEAN LTD require all the crew members to participate in weekly safety drills (demonstrating safety equipment to passengers, life jackets etc.) And get paid as Bonus for this Extra job.

18. What other Advantages involve working with this Cruise Line?

Answer: On the other hand there are numerous advantages about working on cruise ships. Saving substantial amount of money for a short period of time, traveling around the world, meeting people from many different nationalities and cultures, developing professional skills and gaining working experience.

Lastly, Kindly take this Message as a Welcome note and assurance to let you know we value your interest and service orientation so much..If the Result submit to this Department by our License and Authorized Recruitment Agency is favorably, you shall be officially appointed immediately where Processing of your Seaman/Sea-women traveling Documents and other necessary Arrangement will follows Immediately, Please dont hesitate to ask our respective Recruitment Agency any further Questions you feel like asking. Thank you once again for Choosing to be part of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Family, We look forward to treat you like one happy and loving Family on board soon.

executive Human Resources Officer
Mrs Maria Del Busto

~~Great Vacations Begin With Great Employees~~

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