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"419" Scam – Advance Fee / Fake Lottery Scam

The so-called "419" scam is a type of fraud dominated by criminals from Nigeria and other countries in Africa. Victims of the scam are promised a large amount of money, such as a lottery prize, inheritance, money sitting in some bank account, etc.

Victims never receive this non-existent fortune but are tricked into sending their money to the criminals, who remain anonymous. They hide their real identity and location by using fake names and fake postal addresses as well as communicating via anonymous free email accounts and mobile phones.

Keep in mind that scammers DO NOT use their real names when defrauding people.
The criminals either abuse names of real people or companies or invent names or addresses.
Any real people or companies mentioned below have NO CONNECTION to the scammers!

Read more about such scams here or in our 419 FAQ. Use the Scam-O-Matic to verify suspect emails.

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Some comments by the Scam-O-Matic about the following email:

Fraud email example:

From: "FEDEX NEW YORK" (may be fake)
Reply-To: <>
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2015 20:45:11 +0100

Phone:  +1-917-503-1832.
Phone:  +1-929-999-1734.
call  me.
DEAR  SIR, we  swear  to  deliver  your  atm  card  immediately  you  cooperate   and  fulfill  your  last  fee  of  $100  dollars  and  i  must  surprise  you  by  making  the  delivery  once  i  saw  your  turn  up  payment  i  swear  in  the  world to  avoid  Fbi  not  to  handle  me. 
about  your  atm  card. just  read  to  take  your  atm  card  in  this  season.
let  me  advice   you  my  friend  that  before  tracking  number   will  be  issued to  you  out of  FedEx  office  the  package  must  been  on  the  way  but  your  package   never  been  sending  out on  the  way because  you  never  paid  for  your  last  attach  certificate  which  shall  cost only  $100  dollars,  so  kindly  send  the  last $100  dollars today  so  that  we  will  issue  your  tracking  number  tomorrow  to  shows  that   your  package  is  on  the  way  to  your  house.
Kindly  contact us for the delivery shipment of your ATM card package which was Loaded for $15,000,000 Fifteen million  Dollar  sent from zenith Bank London.
Zenith bank  Phone: +44-703-191-9236.   or  +44-703-191-6095.
contact  manager  name  is :  Davis  Williams.
when  you  send  the  last  $100  dollars  make  sure  you  give us all your correct House  address  and phone number to avoid delivery mistake.
bear  in  mind  that   tracking  number   will  issued  to  any  customer
at   delivery  time  immediately  the  last   attach   certificate   is  attached   to  your  file   to  complete   the  delivery   of  your  atm  card   and  the  reason  we  maintained   to  attach  documents   is  because   your  delivery  package  is  contained  money  in atm card  not  ordinary  luggage's  of   bag  but  been   huge  amount  of  money,  that   is  why  we are  demand  the  fee  of  $100  dollars  from  you  to  complete   your  transaction  of  delivery   atm  card package.
This   law  of  attach   document   started   since  9/11   terrorist   attack   in  United  state  suspected  to  be  osama bin ladin  so  don't  be  offended  it  was  united  nation  was  implemented   the  law  since  9/11  terrorist  attack  in  united  state  so  therefore   kindly  send  your  only   last  $100  dollars  from  now  and  take   your  atm  card  the  following   day  immediately   you  send  the  $100  dollars   for  sure  maybe  by  money  gram.
don't  allow  your  atm  card  to  return  back  as it  is  ready  to  deliver  since  last  week. let  me swear  to  you  that  immediately  you send this  last  $100  dollars  your  atm  card  will  no  longer  stay  in  our  office  but  it  must  stay  in  your  House  address  for  sure  this  is  truth  believe  me  honestly  try  and  see  FedEx  action  this  time  I  swear.
This  is  opportunity  to  take  your  atm  card  no  matter  what  happen  FedEx  is  out  now  to  deliver  your  atm  card.
Read  carefully  to  succeed while  your  total fund from zenith bank London was fifteen million Dollars.
let  me  advice  you  that  FedEx  is  already  to  stand  on  your  behalf  to  enable  your  atm  card  been  deliver  with  Quick  action  while  no  one  shall  ever  demanded  another  fee again and  Immediately  you  send  this  last  fee  of  $100  dollars your atm card must surely delivered.
we  are   very serious  to  delivery of  your  atm  package  this from  last  week to  the  extent that immediately  you  send  the  last  $100  dollars believe  me  you  must  have  your  atm  card   for  sure  because  the  homeland  security including  Fbi  is  out  to  giving  worry  to FedEx This  time  to  make  sure  we  finalize   every thing  for  delivery  package this  time.
reminder to you again that I swear  that  immediately  you  send  this  last  $100  dollars  definitely  your  atm  card  must  deliver  the  following  day at  your  address  while  we  shall  like  you  to  keep someone  in  the  house  or  you  stay  at  home  your  self  why  because  FedEx  have  already  change  their  system  of  work  to  the  extent  that  if any  manager  delay  again  the  manager  will  be  prosecuted  to  the  law  court.
so  our  advice  is  for  you  to  complete  and  send  the  last  $100  dollars  and  take  your  atm  card  final  process  do not  allow  your  atm  card  to  return  back  as  it is ready  for  delivery  believe  me  honestly.
I  must  advice  you  today  that  the  reason  why  we directed  you  to  send  the  fee  to  the  west  Africa  is  because  the  attach  certificate  is  very  low  cost  prize  but  other  countries  is  charging  higher  that  is  why  we  refere  you  to  the  west  Africa  to  get  the  certificate  very  chipper  rate  of  $100  dollars  only.
the reason to direct you to west Africa is because the attach  certificate very low amount of $100 dollars than other countries  also  make sure you contact David Rebholz  of  FedEx  in  west  Africa for  him to issue the attach  certificate in the rate of $100 dollars  only.
see  the Name  to  contact  FedEx in  west  Africa  for  your  last  attach  Document.
Name: David Rebholz.
Phone:  +234-706-665-5666.
Email:   or   contact him for your attach document before our FedEx new york shall
deliver your atm card.
send  in  money  gram  only  or  western  union,
Name:       Udeoji    Amaliwu  Francisca
Country:    Nigeria.
Amount:   $100  dollars.
city:  Lagos.
text  question:  delivery.
text  answer:   Card.
Then  you  send  the  mtcn.
Brian Phillips
CEO director
FedEx Office, New York
Tel: +1-917-503-1832
Tel:  +1-929-999-1734.
call  me
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