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"419" Scam – Advance Fee / Fake Lottery Scam

The so-called "419" scam is a type of fraud dominated by criminals from Nigeria and other countries in Africa. Victims of the scam are promised a large amount of money, such as a lottery prize, inheritance, money sitting in some bank account, etc.

Victims never receive this non-existent fortune but are tricked into sending their money to the criminals, who remain anonymous. They hide their real identity and location by using fake names and fake postal addresses as well as communicating via anonymous free email accounts and mobile phones.

Keep in mind that scammers DO NOT use their real names when defrauding people.
The criminals either abuse names of real people or companies or invent names or addresses.
Any real people or companies mentioned below have NO CONNECTION to the scammers!

Read more about such scams here or in our 419 FAQ. Use the Scam-O-Matic to verify suspect emails.

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Some comments by the Scam-O-Matic about the following email:

Fraud email example:

From: "Chief Information Officer (IC CIO)" <>
Reply-To: <>
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2019 20:35:24 -0700

Attn: beneficiary,

This is to bring to your attention that we have obtained a classified document showing that you are dealing with scammers and impostors. We have tracked your transactions and found out that you are dealing with scammers in Africa and all over the world. We are aware of your numerous dealings within and outside the country, most recently the email and phone communications between you and some people claiming to be Bankers, Diplomats, delivery Agents, from Middle East, Europe and Africa and with some collaborators here in the United States. You are hereby warned, to put a stop to all your transactions with all these people and so many more organizations such as UNITED NATIONS, EUROPEAN UNION, IMF, Bank of AMERICA, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Interpol, EFCC, World Bank, Barclays Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, British High Commission E.T.C.

We are working round the clock to get hold of these individuals who in one way or the other, masterminds the use of banks, courier service and embassies while posing as the real persons to extort money from their victims. You are WARNED to STOP further communication either by phone or email to any of these people
posing as an agent. And we urge you to forward any email you receive to this office for verification and approval before you reply them.

We have looked into the various claims and found out that TRUELY you have unclaimed funds indeed, most of wish initially originated from lottery winnings and donations by sick individuals. Your payment files from different banks; NatWest Bank of London, Central Bank of Nigeria and Benin Republic, Bank of America, Africa Development bank, UBA bank, E.T.C were compiled and submitted to my desk for review.. The total sum owed you is the tune of $28,850,000.00 Twenty Eight Million Eight Hundred and Fifty Thousand United States Dollars. As a matter of fact, this $28,850,000.00 is the ONLY funds that the government has approved and made available for your immediate action.

The funds are lodged into the Morgan Stanley Investment Bank, while waiting for accreditation and transfer to your personal/private bank account in any part of the world. The funds have been approved worldwide by United Nations/World bank and IMF, of which the mandate to transfer has been given to the Morgan Stanley Investment Bank under the supervision of the Financial Advisor MR. SAM PEARSON. Be advise once again that any money sent out to any other individual or group is a WASTE and you are doing so at your detriment.

The choice of Morgan Stanley Investment Bank was made during the general assembly of African heads of States at Addis Ababa, 22 Sept 2019, the summit was tagged "Winning The Fight Against Corruption". It was at this summit that the mandate to pay all compensations to scam victims, and other winning/inheritance/contract funds was given to the Morgan Stanley Investment Bank.

We also, after due scrutiny and verification, confirmed that you have attempted to fulfilling all the necessary obligations that will enable the release of your payment. Unfortunately, your payment was not released to you due to flimsy excuses from the Bank officials in charge of your payment, because they have the intention of diverting your funds to their private accounts in order to satisfy their selfish interest. You are however lucky that we detected their evil plans and therefore call for the submission of your payment files to us so we can personally handle the payment assignment to ensure that you receive your funds accordingly.

During our meeting with officials it was agreed that the only charges to be paid upfront in order to effect the transfer is $850.00, so you are advice to work together with the Financial Advisor MR. SAM PEARSON to ensure successful completion of your funds transfer. Know that all modalities regarding your funds release/transfer are in place there at the Morgan Stanley Investment Bank, so the only obligation you are to fulfill now in order to receive your $28,850,000.00 payment is to contact MR. SAM PEARSON the Financial Advisor to Morgan Stanley Investment Bank, with your full details and request for the funds transfer and pay the transaction fees of $850.00.

You are to contact Morgan Stanley Investment Bank, by TEXTING his Private phone number with the below information and make sure you forward your information to him such as full name, address and direct telephone number.

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
Financial Advisor
Contact Person: Dr.Sam Pearson
NMLS # 1285049
Text your Details To: +1 646-491-7079

You are again, WARNED to STOP further communication either by phone or email with any other person or group. And we urge you to forward any email you receive to this office for verification and approval before you reply them.
Whatever this message contains is for you alone DO NOT share or forward this mail to any individual, because there are so many persons (criminals) on our list that are being hunted and this email must not get out to a third party for security reasons because you don't know who is who, if it does get to the wrong guy, this criminals will be very much at alert that we are trailing them and it will make their apprehension difficult for us.

John Sherman
Assistant DNI,
Chief Information Officer (IC CIO)
Office of the Director of National Intelligence,
Washington, DC 20511

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